• Do you know health care cost in Canada is very expensive?Hospital in Canada can charge thousands of dollars per day. Many of them charge a service fee to person not covered under a Provincial Health Care program. Without insurance, you and your
  • ✔ Canadians who have returned to Canada who are not covered under a provincial health plan.✔ Visitors to Canada who are here on business or vacation.✔ Immigrants to Canada who are waiting on government health coverage.
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    Purchasing travel insurance is actually very simple.  It is convenient and safe to buy online or by phone or Wechat . Whether you are in Canada or China, There are the following five ways you can choice:A、Buy Online: www.16safety.ca (
  •  In fact, you can purchase medical coverage at any time, but we strongly recommend that visitors insurance should be purchased prior to arrival to Canada. If the effective date is after the arrival date, most of the insurance companies do not
  • Insurance premium is the same whether the plan is purchased directly from an insurance company or through a broker.Working with us gives you some advantages:➩ We offer compare one stop shopping for Visitors to Canada Travel Medical Insurance.➩