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With stable pre-existing medical condition coverage price schedule: 
Without stable pre-existing medical condition coverage price schedule: 
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Deductible:$ 500 CAD deductible = 10% discount; $ 1,000 CAD deductible = 20% discount; $ 2,500 CAD deductible = 30% discount; $ 5,000 CAD deductible = 35% discount; $ 10,000 CAD deductible = 45% discount

Pre-existing condition coverage:  For persons 69 years and under, pre-existing conditions are covered if stable in the 120 days prior to the effective date of this policy. For persons 70 to 79 years, pre-existing conditions are not covered; howevercoverage for pre-existing conditionscanbe purchased. See subheading optional pre-existing conditions coverage rider for details. Optional pre-existing conditions coverage rider for persons 70-79 years The applicant can purchase an additional optional coverage to cover pre-existing conditions provided they werestable in the 120days priorto the effective date of the policy. A 25% surcharge will apply.                                                                                                                    

Minium Premium: $20  

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Summary for TuGo Visitors to Canada Platinum Medical Plan



You are eligible for coverage if:

1. You are over the age of 14 days old and have not reached the age of 90 years at the time of application.

2. You are:

a) A foreign worker or a visitor to Canada with valid legal status in Canada; or,

b) an immigrant awaiting provincial government health care coverage; or,

c) a returning Canadian not eligible for provincial government health care plan due to an extended leave.

3. The expenses You incur result from an Acute, sudden and unexpected Emergency.



Key Features 
Age limit15 days old to 89 years of age
RatesSingle person or family rates available
Deductible/per claim$ 0 automatic; deductible options are available for a premium discount
Waiting period• No waiting period if Insurance is purchased prior to arrival in Canada
• 48 hours waiting period on sickness if policy is purchased within 60 days of arrival in Canada
• 7 days waiting period on sickness if policy is purchased 61 days or more after arrival in Canada
Pre-existing condition coverage• 120 days stability required for ages 0-69
• 120 days stability required for ages 70-79 IF the optional pre-existing condition coverage is purchased
• No coverage for 80-89
Travel worldwideTravel worldwide is valid as long as majority of time is spent in Canada. No coverage provided while in country of permanent residence
Exclusions• Elective treatment and surgery
• Tests and investigative consultation
• Refer to the policy wording for a complete list of exclusions
Claims procedureConsult the claim guideline in your policy wording




Key BenefitsMaximum Limit
Maximum liabilityAvailable in $ 10,000 increments to a maximum of $ 300,000
Emergency medical treatment• Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury whether in-patient or out-patient
• Services of physician, surgeon, anaesthetist, registered graduate nurse
• Private duty nursing
• X-rays and laboratory services
• Rental of medical appliances
Non-emergency treatmentUp to $ 3,000 if treatment is a direct result of the initial emergency
AmbulanceIncluding mountain and sea rescue
Prescription drugsUp to $ 10,000 or limit of a 30-day supply
Professional medical servicesUp to $ 500 per practitioner including a licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath, and podiatrist
Emergency air transportationUp to sum insured for air evacuation or airfare back to Canada or country of residence for treatment and medical attendant
Return of insured travelling companionOne-way economy airfare back to point of departure if insured is transported or repatriated back to
Family transportationOne return economy airfare or ground transportation costs and up to $ 100 per day for meals and
Out of pocket expenses while hospitalized on scheduled return dateUp to $ 200 per day to a maximum of $ 2,000
Child careUp to $ 50 per day to a maximum of $ 500
Dental• Up to $ 4,000 for accident
• Up to $ 600 for dental pain
MaternityUp to $ 3,000 for pregnancy, childbirth or complications during the 9 weeks prior to the expected delivery date
Repatriation• Up to $ 12,000 for repatriation (excluding cost of a burial coffin)
• Up to $ 5,000 for burial / cremation at place of death (excluding cost of a burial coffin or urn)
Return of vehicle   Up to $ 2,500
Accidental death and dismemberment• Up to $ 25,000 for air flight
• Up to $ 25,000 for 24-hour accident




In the event of hospitalization, call OneWorld Assist immediately:

From Canada & USA . 1-800-663-0399

From Mexico . 001-800-514-9976

Outside N. America & Mexico (Global toll-free) . *800-663-00399

Worldwide (collect) . **604-278-4108


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Certain conditions, limitation and exclusions may apply.

The language in this summary may not be the same as the legal and technical terminology found in the official policy wording. In all instances, the official policy wording  will prevail. For complete details, refer to the policy wording, which is available in the attachment of every plan's page in our website.