Manulife - Destination Visitors to Canada Accident & Sickness Policy

With stable pre-existing medical condition coverage price schedule: 
Without stable pre-existing medical condition coverage price schedule: 
English Note: 

$250 deductible, 10% off;$500 deductible,15% off;$1,000 deductible, 20% off;$2,500 deductible, 30% off;

$5,000 deductible,35% off;$10,000 deductible, 40% off;age 86 and up, $500 deductible.

(deductible $2,500,$5000 and $10,000 not appliacble to coverage $10,000)

Manulife - Destination Visitors to Canada Accident & Sickness Policy


Underwriten by Manulife, Claims Adminstration and Assistance Serivices provided by Active Care Management, and Managed by The Destination Travel Group Inc



1. Coverage is NOT AVAILABLE to any individual who:

  •  a) has been diagnosed with a terminal illness;  or
  •  b) has been diagnosed with received treatment for pancreatic cancer, liver cancer or any type of cancer that has metastasized(migrated to another organ from its original site); or
  •  c) has been prescribed or used home oxygen treatment in the last 12 months; or
  •  d) has been diagnosed with or treated for congestive heart failure; or
  •  e) has had a major organ transplant (heart, kidney, liver, lung); or
  •  f) has received kidney dialysis treatment in the last 12 months.

2. To be eligible for coverage you must,  as of the effective date:

  •  a) be at least 15 days old; and
  •  b) be in good health at the time you purchase your policy and on the effective date, and know of no reason why you would attend any medical consultation during the period of coverage; and
  •  c) not be insured or eligible for benefits under a Canadian government health insurance plan. If you become eligible for and insured under the government health insurance plan of the province or territory in which you reside, the insurance will apply only to those benefits not provided under the provincial or territorial government health insurance plan.



Coverage$10,000,$25,000,$50,000,$100,000,$150,000 and $300,000
Deductible$0,$250,$500,$1,000,$2,5000,$5,000 and $10,000/per claim
Duration Maximum 365 days
Minimum Premium$25
Family Plan2 times the daily rate based on the oldest member of the family(only available to applicants under age 70)
Side Trip covered provided the majority of the period of coverage is spent in Canada
Waiting PeriodIf age 85 or under, 48 hours waiting period purchasing after arrival in Canada; If age 86 or over, 15 days waiting period purchasing after arrival in Canada.
Stable Pre-existing ConditonAge 79 and under, and choose pre-existing condition coverage, cover any pre-existing condition if it was stable in 120 days immediately before the effective date.
Refundfully refunded before the effective date of the policy. A fee of $150 may apply if canceling a policy issued for one year or more of consecutive coverage prior to the effective date.partially refunded (less $25 administration fee) if returning to your country of origin with no claim incurred during your trip.




Emergency HospitalSemi-private hospital accommodation
Emergency Medical 
  • • Services of physician, surgeon, anesthetist
  • • Diagnostics,lab test and/or x-ray
  • • Licensed local and/or sea ambulance to the nearest hospital
  • • Private duty services of a registered graduate nurse up to  $10,000
  • • Rental of medical appliances
Drugs or Medicationslimited to a 30-day supply and up to $1,000 per policy
Professional ServicesPhysiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, podiatrist when ordered by the attending physician up to $500 for outpatient treatment
Emergency Air Transportation/Return home When pre-approved by SelectCare
Transportation of FamilyUp to $3,000 to transport one family member or close friend and up to $1,000 for meals and accommodation
Follow-up VisitsUp to $3,000 for follow-up
Accidental DentalUp to $3,000 for emergency treat for accidental blow to the face
Dental EmergenciesUp to $500 for the immediate relief of acute dental pain
Meals and AccommodationUp to $150 per day to a maximum of $1,500 for when confined to hospital on the date on which you are scheduled to return home
Emergency Return HomeUp to $3,000 for the additional cost of a one-way economy transportation
Return fo DeceasedUp to $10,000 for return of remains or up to $4,000 for cremation or burial at place of death
Accidental Death & DismembermentUp to the maximum sum insured not to exceed $150,000 for loss of life, limb or sight resulting from an accidental injury
Flight AccidentUp to a maximum sum insured of $50,000



Claims Procedures

If you have any emergency and want to see the doctor, Please call Canada Travel Insurance Online at 416-551-3323. We will give you any support we can.

If necessary, Please call the Assistant Center: 

Collect Worldwide: 519-945-1069

Toll-free Canada/USA:1-833-886-1069

Important Note: in the event of a medical emergency, the Assistant Certer must be notified prior to any surgery being performed or within 24 hours of admission to hospital. Failure to notify the Assistance Centre, without reasonable cause, will result in the reduction of eligible benefit amounts payable by 20%. 


SEND YOUR CLAIMS TO: Active Care Management PO Box 1237, Station A Windsor, ON N9A 6P8

Online Claims Submission For quick and easy claim submission, please have all of your documents available [in electronic format] and visit to submit your claim online.

Collect worldwide: +1 (519) 945-1069 Toll free Canada/USA: 1-833-886-1069 1.

Claims must be reported within 30 days of occurrence. 2. Written proof of claim must be submitted within 90 days of occurrence. 3. Any costs incurred for documentation or required reports are your or the claimant’s responsibility. 4. To submit your claim, fill out the claim form completely and include all original bills. Incomplete information will cause delay. 5. All eligible claims must be supported by original receipts from commercial organizations.

When submitting your claim, please include:

1. Fully completed and signed claim form with all original bills and receipts from commercial organizations. 2. Medical records including an emergency room report and diagnosis from the medical facility or a Medical Certifcate completed by the treating physician. Any fee for completing the certifcate is not a beneft under this insurance. 3. For physiotherapy visits, a letter from the referring physician recommending a referral to the physiotherapist. 4. Any other documentation that may be required and/or requested by the Assistance Centre.

When submitting your Accidental Death & Dismemberment claim, please include:

1. Fully completed and signed claim form by either you, or in the case of your death, by the appointed executor/ executrix. 2. Police report including any witness statements. 3. Coroner’s report. 4. Death certifcate. 5. Medical Certifcate completed by the attending physician or hospital medical records. 6. Any other documents requested by the Assistance Centre after initial review of the claim.


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