How to buy travel insurance?

niujun176@yahoo.comPurchasing travel insurance is actually very simple.  It is convenient and safe to buy online or by phone. Whether you are in Canada or China, There are the following four ways you can choice:

  • Call directly:  click on "Contact Us" and find the Telephone No. , or 
  • Make appointment to our office,  and visit office at: 30 Fulton Way, Unit 8, Suite 102, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1E6 (Please make an appointment before you visit our office)


You need to provide the following information when you purchase:

  1. The insured's name, gender, date of birth;
  2. The date of entry into Canada;
  3. The policy start and end dates;
  4. The name of the selected Plans;
  5. The coverage and deductible of the policy;                                                         
  6. Contact information: address in Canada, telephone number, and EMAIL;
  7. Method of payment: you can choose to pay by credit card or check.  


After you make a payment, You will receive the E-package for the insurance within one day.